Post-Doc Opportunity at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa)

From Francesco Lamperti: We are seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher who will work with an interdisciplinary team on a project aimed at developing an agent-based model on climate change, inequality, and agriculture.

Job description

The project will develop a novel agent-based model to study the complex relationships between climate change, agricultural productivity, and socioeconomic inequalities in the context of rural and low-income economies. The model will be informed by data covering crop production, biodiversity, climate and weather conditions, and socioeconomic variables for a set of Global South countries. The successful candidate will contribute to all the steps of the analysis (model development, calibration, validation, and scenario assessment through extensive simulations) and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to deliver high-impact research publishable in excellent international scientific outlets. Experience with agent-based modeling and spatial data is an asset. Some knowledge of R, Python, Matlab, or C++ is requested.

Further details are available here.